Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Treat Your Mum This Mother’s Day

By True Style Furniture  

Are you wracking your brain for mother’s day gift ideas? Don’t fret, you’ll have it under control in no time! Rather than spending money on cliché gifts, year after year, why not do a nice gesture that will leave an impression on your mother. Here are some great ideas to help you get started!

Bring your mother to Paris for breakfast:
Paris? “How am I supposed to pay that with my allowance?” – you ask. Kidding aside, the idea is to bring this romantic city to your home. Paris is truly conducive to romance because of its charming little-knowns. Your eyes simply won’t know where to gaze, everywhere you go. In order to recreate that beautiful scenic setting, think of an endearing French bistro with a view of the Eiffel Tower. First, begin by setting up a bistro-style dinette with a parasol on your balcony/deck. Ashley`s Nola dinette or a similar style is representative of a typical outdoor bistro set in Paris, but can be equally used indoor. Next, decide on a menu to serve your mother and write it out on chalkboard.

In order to recreate the Eiffel Tower, if you have access to a projector, get your hands on a caricature of the Eiffel tower and project it on a large mural. Then, trace the outline of the tower on the mural. Go over the outline again to darken it and add some color to the mural if you wish. And voilà! You have your Parisian background! As a final touch, despite being a little stereotypical, it might be fun to wear a beret while you serve your mother her meal.  

Pack your mother a delicious picnic:
With the same train of thought, if you have a little less time to prepare, here is another worthy suggestion. Consider putting together a beautiful picnic for your mother, right in your backyard. Ideally, a picnic table would be more comfortable, rather than sitting on a blanket. Ashley`s Freimore dinette set looks just like a picnic table that you would be able to use for this occasion and reuse indoor as well.

Next, pack your delicious menu of choice in a basket and make sure to prepare disposable utensils, napkins and plates, as one would use for a picnic. Finally, to create the setting, use a red plaid tablecloth and add a vase of fresh flowers on the table. Then all there is left to do is enjoy the fun in the sun!

Happy Mother`s Day!

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